Saturday, 27 June 2020

Shiny Bits and Bright bits

The fuel cap has been polished

Clean up round the rear lights


Repair required for indicator

New Headlights also in

Exhaust Before
New Cat is On

Front Wheel Arch Liners Back on

New Headlight Bulbs and cleaning of relays to get them to work.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Surf, Heat Shield and Crankshaft Pully

Nice Surf on some small waves this AM, long rights.

New Crankshaft Pulley on

Homemade Nimbus Heat Shield on

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Happy Birthday, Gearbox Linkage and Mirror

So yesterday marked 20 years of ownership and a return of my V5 with the correct address on.
So I celebrated by putting the mirror back on. Good use of my spare number plate to clamp it on

But I clamped it upside down and had to take it back off with a mallet and chisel!

So I clamped it again


Third time lucky!

 Next up I have the new gear change linkage to put back on. My gear stick has not self centred for years, one of the little joints was seized.

Old one off

Painted and then assembled whilst watching the last episode of Killing Eve

Back on the car

New Gearbox Oil

I have gears, super smooth gears - another step forward!

Celebrate with a local delicacy

My Mrs found some of my Cuff links (and my wedding ring which I have started to wear again)

The day got better - I found my missing socket.

And my box of parts is going down

Friday, 5 June 2020

Heat Shield

Sheer Panel Back in

Old Handbrake thingy had to be cut off

New clips for new brake lines
 More new clips and fixings

Yet more rusty fittings replaced

Interior and Gear Stick Area Refurb

Elise Resto Catch up

Lots done and I have been a bit slow with the blog so here we go

Fuel Tank Back In

Temp Fix to get the horn working for MOT

Cambelt Changed

Cut down bolt for Cambelt Change

Work on the Fuel Filler finished - looks a great

Car is beginning to look less tatty